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  • Lasting Happiness

    Lasting Happiness

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    Summer Breeze

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  • Happy Thoughts

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  • Lovely Petals

    Lovely Petals

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  • Vintage Floral

    Vintage Floral

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    Lemon Zest

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  • Intricate Petals

    Intricate Petals

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  • Bright Blue

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  • Lovely Summertime

    Lovely Summertime

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  • Love Divine

    Love Divine

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Personalized Tumblers Online

Keep your hydration game in check, and in style, when you create fully personalized Tumblers online at Photobook Malaysia. More than just a water bottle, it's a Tumbler after your own tailored taste to rock your daily life. It's portable, it's handy, and it comes in three different types to suit your individual needs.

Now the three stainless steel water bottle types are made to keep your beverages well insulated and heated up to 6 hours, cold drinks can last up to 8 hours, making it ideal for commute. Hot coffee on the go? Iced latte for your drive? Well we've got you sorted.

With our range of ready designed templates, add a photo of your favourite moments, awesome quotes quotes to get you through the day. From abstract to frames and from images to quotes, we have designs to fit into virtually any style you want. Got an original idea? You could also start designing from scratch to give your Tumbler a personality as unique as yours.


So the three different types of Tumblers are:

1. The Tube Tumbler
It stands at 22.5 cm (8.85 inch) with a 7 cm width and can store up to 470 ml (16 oz.) of liquid awesomeness. Its got a black screw on cap with a standard flip tab design for drinking, and a rubber pad at the bottom to keep it in place. The entire outer stretch of the Tumbler can be customized with a full 360 degree wraparound image.

2. The Easy Tumbler
This unique water bottle is 18.5 cm tall (7.3 inches) with an 8.5 cm width and can store up to 470 ml (16 oz.) as well. Its black screw on cap has dual handles which gives it a unique 'butterfly' impression. These two handles also act as a lid for the mouth.

The Easy Tumblers have a conical shape, where the top has a circumference of 28 cm (11 inch) and slants inwards with a circumference of 22 cm (9 inch) at the bottom. Consequently, this means that the design process for this model is slightly different. To accommodate its conical shape, the designer features an arc-styled template (as opposed to the standard rectangular photo placeholder) to ensure that your design doesn't appear warp upon printing. The template works as a guide to help you design and shows a preview of how your design will look like on the Tumbler.

3. The Travel Tumbler
Ideal for office pantry raiders, drivers and even commuters, the Travel Tumbler has two distinct features that sets itself apart. First off, it features a grip side handle that makes it convenient to handle when you're on the move. Secondly, this stainless steel water bottle is contoured at its lower half to fit into most car cup holders, making it into a warm, reliable buddy for any journey. At 18.2 cm tall (7.3 inch), it holds about 500ml of your favourite beverage.

The Travel Tumblers use a snap on lid with a push back tab. Unlike the other types that use stainless steel for heat retention, this model however has an inner Polypropylene Plastic cup which makes it more suitable for cooler liquids and warm drinks ~ not so much on hot drinks though.


So there you have it. Keep your hydration game in check, making it your own when you create fully personalized Tumblers online at Photobook Malaysia, and let your custom style mirror your daily life. Please note that the Tumblers are not meant to be fully spill or leak proof. So keep it upright at all times to avoid any seepage. They're also non-microwavable and we recommend hand wash as putting them in the dishwasher may cause damage to both the bottles and your designs.

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