• Blank 6x8

    Blank 6x8

  • Gogowonderful Hope

    Gogowonderful Hope

  • Gogowonderful Memories

    Gogowonderful Memories

  • Floral Rhythm

    Floral Rhythm

  • Bohemian Dreams

    Bohemian Dreams

  • Love Like That

    Love Like That

  • Family Values

    Family Values

  • Engagement Year

    Engagement Year

  • Animal Buddies

    Animal Buddies

  • Sugar Sweet Year

    Sugar Sweet Year

  • Summertime Escapades

    Summertime Escapades

  • Sir Meow-ington

    Sir Meow-ington

  • Baby Bumps

    Baby Bumps

  • Passport To Adventure

    Passport To Adventure

  • The Explorer

    The Explorer

  • Aspiring Dreams

    Aspiring Dreams

  • Burnout


  • Fairy Dreams

    Fairy Dreams

  • Forest Friends

    Forest Friends

  • Christmas Artistry

    Christmas Artistry

  • Favoured Fortunes

    Favoured Fortunes

  • Re Interior

    Re Interior

  • Colour in Fun!

    Colour in Fun!


Fully Personalizable 2018 Calendars

Create fully personalised Calendars for yourself! Let each month celebrate a different precious memory to you as you create your very own Malaysia Calendar. Have a look at our extensive menu of various, fully personalizable Calendar templates online at Photobook Malaysia. We've got a wide selection of Photobook Calendar 2018 themes and styles for you to choose from, each made to cater to your many needs such as for all you travel adventures, sweet family moments and even something for the kids! Your personalised Calendar Malaysia could feature the entire family when you guys had that amazing beach retreat at Tioman Island, or even make one which features shots of your daughter's graduation from that University in Pulau Pinang. If you want, you could even make one that captures your everyday experiences with your special someone at home in Petaling Jaya.

It's printed on Ultra Thick Premium Silk paper, using a Silver Coil binding to hold the pages together. Featuring four different sizes, choose from either a 12" x 12" or a 11" x 8" for a wall Calendar or 11" x 5" or a 6" x 8" for a desk calendar. Get started now by having a look through our list of personalized Calendars Malaysia templates online at Photobook Malaysia and capture all your best memories for 2018; be it an amazing beach retreat at Tioman Island, shots of your daughter's graduation in Pulau Pinang or even your everyday experiences with your special someone at home in Petaling Jaya.

Custom Made Calendar Malaysia

Make each month represent a different adventure that deserves to be highlighted in a fully personalizable Calendar from Photobook Malaysia. Whether it’s a winter holiday in January, a birthday party in June or a wedding celebration in September, show if off through our wide selection of beautifully designed Photo Calendar templates online. If you feel very inspired, go ahead and start from scratch that reflects your style. Make it even more personal by inserting delightful backgrounds and mark important dates with text, stickers or photos on all pages. Our custom Calendars allow you to start your calendar from any month of 2018 so you won’t have to miss out on any of the months.

Wall Calendars

The Wall Calendar is available in two different sizes which are 12” x 12” in square and 11” x 8” in landscape. Printed on Ultra Thick Premium Silk paper, your photo Calendar will come off more vibrant and rich in colours. You won’t want to take your eyes off the wall when pages of your Wall Calendars remind you of good times past and coming, all held together using a Silver Coil binding. Get started now for a whole new year right up to 2019 filled with love and happiness.

Desk Calendars

Our custom Desk Calendars are also available in two sizes but measures differently. The landscape Desk Calendar stands at 11” x 5” while the portrait calendar at 6” x 8”. Choose from either of the two sizes based on your personal liking and style. Designing your 2018 calendar is as simple as featuring your happy times on Ultra Thick Premium Silk paper that will make your photos pop out. Give your desk a touch of heartwarming moments to get you through the day.

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