Kids Growth Chart

  • Growing Friends

    Growing Friends

    From RM69.00

  • Ocean Blue

    Ocean Blue

    From RM69.00

  • Giraffing


    From RM69.00

  • Sweet Tooth

    Sweet Tooth

    From RM69.00

  • Space Explorers

    Space Explorers

    From RM69.00

  • Roboto


    From RM69.00

  • Blossoming Flower

    Blossoming Flower

    From RM69.00

  • Sky High

    Sky High

    From RM69.00

  • Super Champ

    Super Champ

    From RM69.00

  • Sweet Doilies

    Sweet Doilies

    From RM69.00

  • Fairytale Tower

    Fairytale Tower

    From RM69.00

  • Stationary Sass

    Stationary Sass

    From RM69.00

  • Driving Up

    Driving Up

    From RM69.00

  • Building Sands

    Building Sands

    From RM69.00

  • Blank Kids Growth Chart

    Blank Kids Growth Chart

    From RM69.00

Fully Personalized Kids Growth Chart

Every day is a brand new adventure for a child. From discovering brand new things and new experiences, they’re also adding on adding on centimeters and inches. Make growing up a little more fun by getting your very own fully personalized Kids Growth Chart online at Photobook Malaysia. We have a range of designs for you to select from, with awesome growth chart for boys and pretty girls growth chart, all of which are naturally fully customizable. Take your pick and see how easy it gets as you design your own unique Kids Growth Chart, all from the comforts of home in Johor, or from your office in Negeri Sembilan. You can even have the toddler growth chart delivered to your sister in Pulau Pinang.

At 12" x 38", the Kids Growth Chart measures from 24" to 60" (or 60cm to 150cm), which means you’ll have to stick it 2 feet from floor. It also has a gloss finishing to make the colours pop better and it enables you to easily wipe off marks when you write using a whiteboard marker. Use a permanent marker instead to make sure the progress record stays put. So check out our line of fully personalized Kids Growth Chart online at Photobook Malaysia today! Design your own growth chart for boys or girls growth chart easily from your house in Johor or from your office in Negeri Sembilan, and you could even have it delivered to your sister in Pulau Pinang. Check it out now!

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