• Promise Of Forever

    Promise Of Forever

    From RM229.00

  • Mr and Mrs

    Mr and Mrs

    From RM1,399.00

  • Love Milestones

    Love Milestones

    From RM229.00

  • Las Vegas Boulevard

    Las Vegas Boulevard

    From RM1,599.00

  • Family Moments

    Family Moments

    From RM1,349.00

  • Fun Family Times

    Fun Family Times

    From RM129.00

  • Family Memories

    Family Memories

    From RM279.00

  • The Little Things

    The Little Things

    From RM279.00

  • Seasons in the Sun

    Seasons in the Sun

    From RM229.00

  • Sweet Little One

    Sweet Little One

    From RM229.00

  • Happiness Comes In Twos

    Happiness Comes In Twos

    From RM169.00

  • Little Happy Boy

    Little Happy Boy

    From RM1,999.00

  • New York, New York

    New York, New York

    From RM1,899.00

  • Sun, Sea and Sand

    Sun, Sea and Sand

    From RM1,799.00

  • I Love New York

    I Love New York

    From RM1,499.00

  • Travel Highs

    Travel Highs

    From RM229.00

  • Fun Journey

    Fun Journey

    From RM79.00

  • Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road

    Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road

    From RM1,299.00

  • Best Pal

    Best Pal

    From RM229.00

  • Summer Squares

    Summer Squares

    From RM79.00

  • Heart of Home

    Heart of Home

    From RM229.00

  • Happiest of Days

    Happiest of Days

    From RM229.00

  • Favorite Buddy

    Favorite Buddy

    From RM229.00

  • Sketched Graduation

    Sketched Graduation

    From RM229.00

  • My Super Father

    My Super Father

    From RM169.00

  • Oh, Happy Life

    Oh, Happy Life

    From RM169.00

Fully Personalised Canvas Prints

Give that special someone the unique gift of a beautiful Canvas art. Craft fully personalised Canvas Prints online at Photobook Malaysia. We offer you a wide range of Canvas Print designs and templates for you to choose from, ideal as a present or even for your very own personal wall Canvas. Going beyond just a blank canvas to a comprehensive line of themes to choose, from collages to singles, a wedding photo to pets galore, we have almost all that you may need to help capture your best experiences. Canvas Prints are a stunning way to showcase your sweetest experiences and cherished moments, regardless if it's a group shot of a family gathering in Perak or a graduation pose taken in Pulau Pinang. It's a contemporary form of Canvas Art and strikes attention wherever it's placed.

There are 3 different types of Canvas Prints to choose from; single-canvas, split-canvas and the multi-canvas. Depending on the picture and where you're thinking of placing it, have it personalised using our very own Photobook Designer, custom making your Canvas art special for a unique and distinctive look. So get started and go beyond just a blank canvas and create your personal Photo Canvas, adorning your residence with beautiful wall Canvas as you select from our line of Canvas Print designs and templates.

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Appeal to the minimalist inside of you with the Canvas Air by Photobook Malaysia. It’s just like our Canvas Prints, but super thin and ultra light - perfect for those looking to enrichen their living space without taking up too much room.

Measuring at only 4.55mm thin, the Canvas Air blends into seamlessly with your wall. It requires no screws, nails or or drilling whatsoever, giving you a practically effortless installation.

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