• Blank Mini

    Blank Mini

    From RM79.00

  • Blank Square

    Blank Square

    From RM169.00

  • Blank Landscape

    Blank Landscape

    From RM129.00

  • Blank Portrait

    Blank Portrait

    From RM129.00

  • Blank Panoramic

    Blank Panoramic

    From RM279.00

  • New Happiness

    New Happiness

    From RM79.00

  • Heavenly Gardens

    Heavenly Gardens

    From RM79.00

  • Little Dynasty

    Little Dynasty

    From RM79.00

  • Grand Palace

    Grand Palace

    From RM79.00

  • My Beautiful Mother

    My Beautiful Mother

    From RM229.00

  • Fun Family Times

    Fun Family Times

    From RM129.00

  • Abbey Road

    Abbey Road

    From RM799.00

  • Instalove


    From RM229.00

  • Hearts Galore

    Hearts Galore

    From RM169.00

  • Infinite Love

    Infinite Love

    From RM229.00

  • Bright Eyes

    Bright Eyes

    From RM229.00

  • Loveshots


    From RM169.00

  • Endless Exploration

    Endless Exploration

    From RM229.00

  • Travel Highs

    Travel Highs

    From RM229.00

  • You And Me

    You And Me

    From RM169.00

  • Moments of Love

    Moments of Love

    From RM1,199.00

  • Mr and Mrs

    Mr and Mrs

    From RM1,399.00

  • Little Blue Boy

    Little Blue Boy

    From RM79.00

  • Serenity In Union

    Serenity In Union

    From RM229.00

  • Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road

    Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road

    From RM1,299.00

  • Summer Squares

    Summer Squares

    From RM79.00

  • True Love

    True Love

    From RM169.00

  • Little Happy Boy

    Little Happy Boy

    From RM1,999.00

  • Oh Yes

    Oh Yes

    From RM79.00

  • Heart of Home

    Heart of Home

    From RM229.00

  • Happy Home

    Happy Home

    From RM899.00

  • Pinned Memories

    Pinned Memories

    From RM79.00

Fully Personalized Canvas Prints

Give that special someone the unique gift of a beautiful Canvas art. Craft fully personalized Canvas Prints online at Photobook Malaysia. We offer you a wide range of Canvas Print designs and templates for you to choose from, ideal as a present or even for your very own personal wall Canvas. Going beyond just a blank canvas to a comprehensive line of themes to choose, from collages to singles, a wedding photo to pets galore, we have almost all that you may need to help capture your best experiences. Canvas Prints are a stunning way to showcase your sweetest experiences and cherished moments, regardless if it’s a group shot of a family gathering in Perak or a graduation pose taken in Pulau Pinang. It’s a contemporary form of Canvas Art and strikes attention wherever it’s placed.

There are 3 different types of Canvas Prints to choose from; single-canvas, split-canvas and the multi-canvas. Depending on the picture and where you’re thinking of placing it, have it personalized using our very own Photobook Designer, custom making your Canvas art special for a unique and distinctive look. So get started and go beyond just a blank canvas and create your personal Photo Canvas, adorning your residence with beautiful wall Canvas as you select from our line of Canvas Print designs and templates.

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